National Partnership for Women & Families

Final Rule on Contraceptive Coverage "Welcome News" For Women

Statement of Debra L. Ness, President, National Partnership for Women & Families
WASHINGTON, D.C. — June 28, 2013 —

Today’s announcement from the Obama Administration is welcome news for women. The final rule advances the Administration’s commitment to put women’s health first and ensure that no woman is denied access to contraception because of where she works.

Access to contraceptives has clear benefits for women’s health and economic security. Contraceptives allow for women to plan their families, and proper birth spacing has demonstrated significant benefits for both maternal and child health.

In tough economic times, many women can’t afford costly co-pays for birth control. Women shouldn’t have to choose, for instance, between filling their prescription and filling their gas tank. Today’s rule helps to ensure they won’t have to make that choice, regardless of where they work.

We will continue to track implementation of this rule to ensure that its intended effect, to ensure universal access to contraceptives, is preserved.

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