Racial Equity

Here at the National Partnership, our mission is to improve the lives of women and families by achieving equality for all women.

In service to that mission, we recognize the need to look inside our own organization to ensure that we intentionally promote racial equity and combat white supremacy along with all forms of racism, discrimination and oppression.

As we work toward creating a more equitable country — where all women can thrive regardless of their race, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation or ability — we must live the values for which we advocate. Otherwise, our work will not be authentic, and real and lasting change will not be possible.

We have embarked upon a path to become a more equitable organization and plan continued investment in the future. As part of our efforts to grow and learn more, we looked to other progressive organizations and coalition partners who are undergoing similar processes. We are grateful for the knowledge that was shared with transparency and candor. In an effort to pay it forward and to share with others, we invite you to follow alongside us on this journey.

At the National Partnership, we recognize that having a majority white staff and leadership since our founding and operating mostly in white-dominant spaces significantly restricts our ability to fulfill our mission. We want all women to be able to see themselves in our work and know that we are advocating on their behalf.

By undergoing this intense internal transformation, we hope to become better partners to other organizations and a better voice for those women who most need to be heard.

This space on NationalPartnership.org is dedicated to our internal racial equity work, and it will continue to evolve as we do.