Vision & Values

We ground ourselves in the lived experience of women and families.

We strive to support those who face the greatest barriers to equity and opportunity, and we seek to amplify the leadership of grassroots groups and women of color who are fighting for social justice.

Our vision: a just and equitable society in which all women and families can live with dignity, respect and security; every person has the opportunity to achieve their potential; and no person is held back by discrimination or bias.

Our values: passionate about mission, visionary, collaborative, affirming and inclusive, trusted and knowledgeable, people first. We strive to live these values in our daily work; they guide our advocacy, inform our interactions with the outside world, and shape our internal culture.

Our past is storied — with landmark victories including the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, the Civil Rights Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, Affordable Care Act and much more — but our focus is on the future.

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