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Your family depends on you, and so does your employer. You have to make ends meet both at home and at work. And you need policies that reflect 21st century dynamics. We get it.

It’s time for our nation to show that it values families. All it takes is one major life event — a new baby, a serious illness, losing your job, a family crisis, some unexpected emergency — and everything can unravel. Where’s our economic security?

We’re fighting for you. At the National Partnership, we are proud of our storied history fighting for policies that help you meet the dual demands of work and family.

Other countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) started providing  paid maternity leave more than 100 years ago. When will the United States get with the program?
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Of course Hillary Clinton went to work sick. That’s the American way. - Washington Post

Recent years have seen some legal advances, with more than two dozen cities, five states and the District of Columbia passing sick leave laws, but, “what we need to do is pass the Healthy Family Act, that’s the bottom line,” says Debra Ness, president of the National Partnership for Women and Families. Read More

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The Kind of Paid Leave Program the Country Needs

Sometimes we simply have to pause to say: Wow! At the National Partnership, we’ve pioneered education and advocacy to advance family and medical leave in this country. Read More


Healthy Kids, Healthy Schools: The Case for a National Paid Sick Days Standard

FACT SHEET | Both parents and educators know firsthand the importance of keeping children healthy, and access to paid sick days for parents can make a real difference. Read More

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