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Saving the Lives of Moms & Babies

The National Partnership for Women & Families has joined the National Birth Equity Collaborative to produce the Saving the Lives of Moms & Babies series. The 10-part series connects the dots between how different socioeconomic factors affect maternal and infant health, the outsize impact these factors have on Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC) communities, and recommendations to effect the change we need to ensure all moms and babies thrive.

Saving the Lives of Moms & Babies: Addressing Racism and Socioeconomic Influencers of Health presents a ground-breaking summary of how racism directly affects the bodies of moms and babies.

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Extreme Heat
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Icon Homelessness

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Icon Partner Violence

Intimate Partner Violence
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Paid Leave
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Immigration Status
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Built Environment
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Substance Use Disorder
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Maternal Mental Health
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