Paid Sick Days

Everyone gets sick, but not everyone has time to get better.

Paid sick and safe days allow workers to take brief periods of time away from work they need to attend to their and their family's health. To date, 14 states and many more cities and counties across the country have passed paid sick days laws allowing workers to take time to attend doctor's appointments, pick up sick children from school, accommodate public health emergencies and businesses or school closures, all with job-protected time they accrue. Many laws also include paid safe days that allow survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and/or stalking to seek services related to these incidents.

Our nation's failure to provide a basic paid sick days standard has never been more apparent and workers and their families are paying the price. Nearly 28 million people – nearly one in four private sector workers – can't earn a single paid sick day. No one should be forced to choose between their or their family's health and a paycheck.

The National Partnership supports the Healthy Families Act, which would provide all eligible workers with seven paid sick days to recover from illness, access preventive care, or care for a sick family member.

Key Resources

Visit our paid sick days campaign site to find your local paid sick days campaign, learn more about the need for paid sick days, and ways to get involved.