Economic Justice

We advance public policies that promote workplace and economic equality throughout women’s lives.

For millions of women, all it takes is one major life event — a new baby, a serious illness, losing a job, a family crisis, some unexpected emergency — and everything can unravel.

And too many women still face discrimination and other obstacles — from sexual harassment and assault to wage inequality and pregnancy discrimination — that make it difficult for them to succeed.

These are serious concerns for all women — and particularly for women of color, low-income women and others living on the economic margins.

Family and Medical Leave Act

Are you familiar with the FMLA? Perhaps you’ve already benefited from the job-protected leave it guarantees.


Paid Leave

At some point, nearly everyone will need to take time away from work to deal with a serious personal or family illness, or to care for a new child.


Paid Sick Days

Everyone gets sick, but not everyone has time to get better.


Fair Pay

You deserve to be paid fairly. It's that simple.


Pregnancy Discrimination

For too many women, having a baby still means losing your job or a promotion.


Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is never acceptable, but it’s all too common in the workplace.