Our Work

For nearly five decades, the National Partnership has been making life better for women and families.

For example ...
the Pregnancy Discrimination Act
the Civil Rights Act
the Family and Medical Leave Act
the Affordable Care Act
statewide paid family leave programs
numerous local and state paid sick days laws
and more. Much more.

From health care and reproductive rights to fair pay and family friendly policies, we know when women do better, families do better and our nation prospers.

We promote equality for all women and are working every day to make our country more fair, just and tolerant so everyone has the opportunity to fully participate and thrive.

Learn more: read our latest annual report here.

Reproductive Rights

We believe all women must have the care and services needed for genuine reproductive autonomy.


Health Justice

We aim to increase access to affordable, quality health-related care for all women.


Economic Justice

We advance public policies that promote workplace and economic equity throughout women’s lives.