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  • Statement on Mandating Health Care Professionals Provide Unsubstantiated Medical Information, April 2015

    Coalition to Protect the Patient-Provider Relationship Statement on Mandating Health Care Professionals Provide Unsubstantiated Medical Information

  • Bad Medicine

    States across the country are increasingly enacting laws mandating how health care providers must practice medicine, regardless of the provider’s professional judgment and the needs of his or her patients. As this report explains, these laws undermine the high quality, patient-centered care that health care providers and advocates strive to achieve. They are political infringement on the provision of health care – they are Bad Medicine.

  • Standing Up for Women & Families in 2014

    In 2014, the National Partnership for Women & Families is urging members of Congress to stand up for women and families by supporting the following legislative agenda.

  • Banning Coverage of Abortion in Multi-State Insurance Plans: Moving in the Wrong Direction

    The “Stop Abortion Funding in Multi-State Exchange Plans Act” or “SAFE Act” (H.R. 346), and the Senate version of this badly misnamed legislation, the “Preventing the Offering of Elective Coverage of Taxpayer-Funded-Abortion Act of 2013” or “PROTECT Act” (S. 154), would prohibit private insurance coverage of abortion in federally administered multi-state plans established by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). These bills, introduced by Representative Alan Nunnelee (R-MS) and Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK), are part of a nationwide effort to limit women’s access to abortion by banning insurance coverage for it.

  • Standing Up for Women & Families in 2012

    The National Partnership for Women & Families is dedicated to expanding opportunities for women and improving the well-being of our nation’s families.

  • Title X Backgrounder

  • Deja Vu All Over Again: Re-nomination of Controversial Nominees

    The start of each new Congress and Administration provides an opportunity for a fresh start and a fresh approach to critical issues facing our nation. Nowhere is this opportunity more sorely needed than with judicial nominations.

  • Statement of Debra L. Ness at the March for Womens Lives

    Wow! What a thrill it is to look out on this sea of pro-choice faces, to know that hundreds of thousands of people have come from all over the country – all over the world – to stand up for women’s lives. It’s been a long time since America’s pro-choice majority has dominated thescene. Too long. But we’re here today to change that. With this march, we begin a new era.

  • Statement of Opposition on the Nomination of William Pryor

    The National Partnership for Women & Families opposes the nomination of William Pryor to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.

  • Executive Summary of Alito Report: Tipping the Balance

    That is why the National Partnership for Women & Families looked closely at Judge Alito’s available record, examining his writings and opinions on a range of issues from employment to reproductive rights to affirmative action, and more.

  • Abortion Access in Jeopardy: June Medical Services v. Gee

    Abortion access in the nation is yet again under severe threat as the Supreme Court considers a challenge to a Louisiana admitting privileges law known as Act 620. Act 620 requires physicians who provide abortion to maintain admitting privileges with a hospital within 30 miles of their office or clinic.

  • Who's the Judge: Why Women Should Care About Judicial Appointments

    Judges are charged with the responsibility to interpret and help administer our nation’s laws. Judges’ decisions govern our lives in many areas, such as the question of when women may bring suit to challenge and change unequal pay practices, and whether health plans and providers impermissibly discriminate against women when they refuse to cover or offer certain reproductive health services.

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