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  • Infographic: Fostering Trust

    Trust Is a 2-Way Street: Fostering Trust in Patient-Provider Relationships

  • Recommendations: Patient & Family Engagement

    Recommendations for Patient and Family Engagement: Improving Health and Advancing Equity

  • Infographic: Virtual Visits

    Virtual Visits: 5 Ways to Better Engage Patients & Families

  • Paid Leave Would Cut Healthcare Costs

    It is more apparent than ever. The lack of a national paid family and medical leave policy in the United States costs working people their health and financial security – and the price tag is rising.

  • Executive Summary: Improving Maternity Care Through Midwifery

    Research shows that midwifery care provides equal or better care and outcomes compared to physician care on many key indicators, including higher rates of spontaneous vaginal birth, higher rates of breastfeeding, higher birthing person satisfaction with care, and lower overall costs. Community-based and -led midwifery services are especially powerful.

  • Black Maternal Health Leaders' Letter in Support of Build Back Better Advancements in Maternal Health

    The undersigned represent more than 50 reproductive justice organizations and Black policy leaders committed to advancing Black maternal health through critical policy change. We applaud the investments in the House of Representatives’ Build Back Better Act text, which help address the deep inequities Black women and birthing people experience.

  • Improving Our Maternity Care Now Through Midwifery

    This report outlines the evidence that supports midwifery’s unique value across different communities, the safety and effectiveness of midwifery care in improving maternal and infant outcomes, the interest of birthing people in midwifery care, and the current availability of, and access to, midwifery services in the United States.

  • Spotlight on Success: Mercy Birthing Center

    The Mercy Birthing Center illustrates the potential of a flourishing midwifery-led unit within a hospital. The center is a separate unit operated by CNMs within Mercy Hospital St. Louis. It was established in response to women’s growing interests in receiving support for physiologic childbearing

  • Minimum Wage and Abortion Access

    In the United States, people with lower incomes, people with disabilities, and people of color have never fully enjoyed reproductive freedom. Whether a person wants to have a child or wants to not have children, their ability to exercise these rights has consistently been thwarted.

  • Effective and Equitable Patient Engagement Via Technology

    The historic COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a new era of the digital age. Technology became even more important in our daily lives -- turning into a requirement for meeting our basic needs and communications.

  • Incarceration Hurts Moms and Babies

    The Problem: Mass incarceration is hurting pregnant people and their infants

  • Maternal Mental Health Crisis Undermines Moms' Health

    The Problem: Untreated maternal mental health means worse health outcomes for moms and babies

  • Substance Use Disorder Hurts Moms and Babies

    The Problem: Health care and support for pregnant people with substance use disorder are inaccessible and inequitable, and instead they shamed, stigmatized, and punished.

  • Poor-Quality Built Environments Hurt Moms

    The Problem: Deficiencies in neighborhoods' physical conditions impair the health of pregnant people and their infants

  • Racism Hurts Moms and Babies

    Public awareness about the devastating impacts of systemic and interpersonal racism has increased sharply with the escalation of racist violence and the COVID-19 pandemic’s disparate impact on communities of color.

  • Intimate Partner Violence Endangers Pregnant People and Their Infants

    The Problem: Violence against pregnant people inflicts lasting harm on them and their babies

  • Homelessness Hurts Moms And Babies

    The Problem: The homelessness crisis is worsening and imperils pregnant people and their infants

  • Immigrant Moms and Babies Are Being Denied Health Care

    The Problem: Many immigrants are denied access to health care, leaving moms and babies at risk

  • Paid Leave Is Essential for Healthy Moms and Babies

    The Problem: The lack of national paid leave compromises the health and well-being of pregnant people and their infants

  • Saving the Lives of Moms and Babies

    This series connects the dots between how different socioeconomic factors affect maternal and infant health, the outsize impact these factors have on BIPOC communities, and recommendations to effect the change we need to ensure all moms and babies thrive.

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