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  • The Healthy Families Act Fact Sheet

    FACT SHEET | The Healthy Families Act would set a national paid sick days standard – a critical step toward meeting the health and financial needs of working families.

  • The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act: A Section-by-Section Summary

    A section-by-section summary of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, which would ensure reasonable workplace accommodations for pregnant women who need them.

  • The Best Mother’s Day Gifts From Congress: Policies Mothers Need to Thrive

    FACT SHEET | While our country claims to value mothers and families, our policies are making childbirth more dangerous, pushing working moms out of the labor force, perpetuating a punishing gender wage gap and blocking people from deciding when and if to become a parent.

  • Know Your Rights: Arizona + Paid Sick Time

    Because not everyone who needs access to abortion care may be aware of paid sick days laws in their state, we partnered with the National Network of Abortion Funds to create this Know Your Rights document for Arizona.

  • Paid Sick Days Enhance Women’s Abortion Access and Economic Security

    Everyone needs time to access health care without risking their economic stability. Paid sick days allow a person to recover from short-term illnesses, access preventive care, undergo a basic medical procedure or care for a sick child or family member. Yet, more than 34 million people working in the private sector don’t have a single paid sick day and, for too many of them, taking time away from work to attend to their health means risking their jobs and financial stability.

  • Not Enough Family Friendly Policies: High Stakes for Women and Families

    FACT SHEET | Women make up nearly half of the U.S. workforce and are the primary or co-breadwinners in two-thirds of families. But our nation’s public policies don’t reflect this reality.

  • BE HEARD: An Act to End Harassment in the Workplace

    FACT SHEET | The Bringing an End to Harassment by Enhancing Accountability and Rejecting Discrimination (BE HEARD) in the Workplace Act to enhance accountability in the workplace and strengthen protections for workers against discrimination and harassment.

  • The Federal Employees Paid Leave Act

    FACT SHEET | Too many federal employees are forced to choose between their paychecks and caring for themselves or a loved one.

  • The EMPOWER Act

    FACT SHEET | The Ending the Monopoly of Power Over Workplace Harassment through Education and Reporting (EMPOWER) Act enhances protections and reduces barriers that prevent people who experience harassment from speaking out and seeking justice.

  • Legislative Solutions to Combat Workplace Sexual Harassment

    FACT SHEET | Workplace sexual harassment is a persistent and pervasive issue, but legislation at the state and federal levels can help combat sexual harassment and improve the lives of working people.

  • Paid Family and Medical Leave Would Benefit Latino Workers

    FACT SHEET | Latinos have the highest labor force participation rate of any racial or ethnic group, but they are concentrated in low-wage jobs which do not provide paid leave or paid family leave. The FAMILY Act would help to remedy this problem.

  • We Decide: Demanding the Policies Pregnant People Need to Thrive

    Subhead (larger intro copy) When it comes to pregnancy and parenting, we all want to make the best decisions for our families and ourselves so that we can thrive.

  • Better Together: Policies to Expand Insurance Coverage and Promote Supportive Workplaces Help Families Thrive

    ISSUE BRIEF | This issue brief demonstrates that very few states have policies to address the intersecting needs of women and families, and it outlines how the health and financial security of women and families are positively affected by having comprehensive health insurance and supportive workplaces.

  • Know Your Rights: Witnessing Sexual Harassment at Work

    As a bystander or witness to harassment, you can play an essential role. The following tools can be used when you witness harassment in a variety of settings, including sexual harassment in the workplace.

  • An Agenda for Progress for Women and Families

  • Female Face of Family Caregiving

    Caregiving is a major part of life for millions of women, with women of color and immigrants taking on a disproportionate amount of both paid and unpaid family caregiving.

  • 2018 Midterm Elections Saw Candidates in Competitive Races Embrace Equal Pay, Paid Leave and Related Issues in Record Numbers – and Win

    MEMO | 2018 Midterm Elections Saw Candidates in Competitive Races Embrace Equal Pay, Paid Leave and Related Issues in Record Numbers – and Win

  • Know Your Rights: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (in Spanish)

    Conozca sus derechos: Acoso sexual en el lugar de trabajo

  • Raising Expectations 2018

    A State-by-State Analysis of Laws That Help Working Family Caregivers

  • Paid Family and Medical Leave: A Racial Justice Issue – and Opportunity

    ISSUE BRIEF | This issue brief describes health and economic disparities faced by people of color to show that addressing our paid leave crisis is a racial justice issue that requires a carefully designed and implemented federal policy solution.

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