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  • Minimum Wage and Abortion Access

    In the United States, people with lower incomes, people with disabilities, and people of color have never fully enjoyed reproductive freedom. Whether a person wants to have a child or wants to not have children, their ability to exercise these rights has consistently been thwarted.

  • Black Women and Evictions

    The temporary nature of the federal eviction moratorium and lagging disbursement of emergency rental assistance signal an urgent need for housing solutions that directly address the unique barriers to housing stability and economic justice for Black women.

  • The Cost of Inaction: How a Lack of Family Care Policies Burdens the U.S. Economy and Families

    Passage of the American Families Plan can be a transformative moment to make the United States economy more competitive, regain lost ground toward gender and racial equity and ease the burden of working families.

  • Having Kids and Careers on the Hill: Here’s How

    Explaining New Paid Parental Leave Benefits for Congressional Employees

  • 70 Innovative Companies That Are Leading on Leave in 2021

  • Making a Fortune for Others: Causes and Consequences of the Black Wealth Gap

    Everyone should be able to weather a financial shock -- a major illness, a layoff -- without losing their housing or falling deep into debt. Everyone should be able to afford educational opportunities for themselves or their children and be able to retire with dignity and security. And every entrepreneur with a dream should be able to access the resources they need to start a new business and invest in their local economy. But a systemic racial wealth gap puts financial security, economic opportunity and community uplift out of reach for millions of Black people in the United States.

  • Paid Leave Is Essential for Healthy Moms and Babies

    The Problem: The lack of national paid leave compromises the health and well-being of pregnant people and their infants

  • Women Carried the Burden of Unpaid Caregiving in 2020

    More than 65 million women provide unpaid care in the form of child care, family care and eldercare during 2020. A majority of these women did so while holding full- or part-time jobs.

  • Family And Medical Insurance Leave Act (FAMILY Act) Frequently Asked Questions

    FAQ | Answers to frequently asked questions about the Family And Medical Insurance Leave Act (FAMILY Act).

  • The Healthy Families Act: A Section-by-Section Summary

    A section-by-section summary of the Healthy Families Act, which would establish a national paid sick days standard.

  • Latinas and the Wage Gap

    FACT SHEET | A look at what the wage gap means for Latinas, especially in the 25 states with the largest populations of employed Latina women.

  • Sexual Harassment and the Gender Wage Gap

    Despite being prohibited by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, workplace sexual harassment remains pervasive and pernicious. Sexual harassment is one of many manifestations of power imbalances in the workplace.

  • Paid Leave Will Help Close the Gender Wage Gap

    FACT SHEET | The wage gap illustrates the high cost women are paying for our nation’s policy failure, including our lack of paid family and medical leave to support family caregiving, which is still most often performed by women.

  • An Analysis of the Gender Wage Gap by Congressional District

    FACT SHEET | An analysis of the Gender Wage Gap by Congressional District (2021)

  • Called to Care: A Racially Just Recovery Demands Paid Family and Medical Leave

    Too often in our country’s history, the ability to take time to care for yourself and others while maintaining your economic security has been predominantly reserved for the white and wealthy few. Yet, it is through providing care for one another that we knit together the bonds of our families and communities.

  • The Paycheck Fairness Act

    FACT SHEET | Enactment of the Paycheck Fairness Act would be a critical step forward in the fight for fair pay for women.

  • The Paycheck Fairness Act: A Section-by-Section Summary

    A section-by-section legislative summary of the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would combat pay discrimination that contributes to the gender wage gap.

  • Fact Sheet: The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

    FACT SHEET | Details on the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act and why it is critical for pregnant workers and their families that Congress take action.

  • Voters Show Bipartisan Support for Permanent Paid Sick Days and Paid Family and Medical Leave

    Emergency paid sick days and paid family leave protections provided under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act will expire in December 2020, despite the majority of voters facing expanded or continuing caregiving needs during the pandemic.

  • Disastrous and Dangerous: Judge Barrett Would Wreak Havoc on the Lives of Women of Color

    FACT SHEET | Judge Barrett's elevation to the country’s highest court would be disastrous for all of us in regards to our civil and human rights, but is especially dangerous for women of color who live at the intersection of multiple oppressions.

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