Paid Sick Days and Abortion Access

When abortion care is already hard to access, a lack of paid sick days adds insult to injury.

Barriers to abortion access make getting care difficult, expensive or even impossible. On top of existing restrictions, millions of working people do not live in states that have paid sick days laws, which guarantee workers the right to accrue job-protected, paid time away from work. Read more about why removing barriers to abortion and ensuring access to paid sick days go hand in hand in our new issue brief, Paid Sick Days Enhance Women’s Abortion Access and Economic Security.

Know Your Rights: Accessing Paid Sick Days for Abortion Care

Because not everyone who needs access to abortion care may be aware of paid sick days laws in their state, we partnered with the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) to create Know Your Rights documents for five localities: Arizona; Duluth, Minn.; Minneapolis; Rhode Island; and St. Paul, Minn.

These documents can be used by people seeking abortion care in these places to understand their rights to paid sick days, and by workplace rights and reproductive rights, health and justice advocates to inspire collaboration and collective action in states where barriers to abortion access or a lack of paid sick days protections undermines people’s access to care.