Health Justice

We aim to increase access to affordable, quality health-related care for all women.

Especially women who have been silenced or marginalized by a health system riddled with racial bias and sexism. The needs of women of color and other marginalized communities must be central to this work.

That means addressing the social factors that impact women’s health across their lifespans, including systemic racism and inequality.

That means fighting to ensure access to affordable, quality health care as a basic human right.

That means supporting Medicaid, Medicare and the Affordable Care Act — not repealing, sabotaging or otherwise undermining these essential health programs for women.

That means transforming how we pay for and deliver care to respond to the needs of women and families by engaging them as true partners in their health and care. This includes improving maternal care, experiences and outcomes, and addressing persistent disparities in mortality and morbidity.

That means listening to women and training providers to deliver high-value care that is respectful and culturally responsive and truly meets people’s health-related needs.

And that means leveraging 21st-century technology to give families and providers information that supports care coordination and informed decision-making in private, secure and accessible ways.

Choosing Health Equity

Effectively advancing health equity requires dedicated efforts to generate and apply an evidence base that reflects the impacts of racial and gender discrimination, and other intersecting structures of disadvantage.


Moms & Babies

Saving the Lives of Moms & Babies


Maternity Care

The National Partnership works to improve the quality and value of maternity care through consumer engagement and health system transformation.


Digital Health

Health information technology (health IT) can transform relationships between consumers and their health care providers into partnerships that help patients and families take a more active role in managing care and improving health.


Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the law of the land. It's the greatest advance for women’s health in a generation, and the National Partnership fought hard for its passage.