Reports and Testimony on Pregnancy Discrimination and Caregiver Discrimination

“Unlawful Discrimination against Pregnant Workers and Workers with Caregiving Responsibilities” Testimony of Judith L. Lichtman Before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (February 15, 2012)

Working women, caregivers, and their families depend on the guarantee of equal opportunity in the workplace. Although Title VII and the Pregnancy Discrimination Act have been in place for decades, employers continue to violate these laws and flout legal precedent, leaving pregnant women, caregivers and their families to suffer the consequences. The alarming statistics documenting significant increases in complaints of unlawful discrimination underscore the need for a concerted response.

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act: Where We Stand 30 Years Later (October 2008)
Decades after the Pregnancy Discrimination Act was enacted, record numbers of women still face pregnancy discrimination in the workplace. This report works to identify strategies to reverse this trend.


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