Paid Leave Video

Business leaders join together to call for paid family and medical leave.

The ability to take time off when we’re sick and need to rest. To accompany a loved one to a dialysis appointment. To spend time with a newborn or adopted child. Some of us have this option, but far too many people in the United States do not.

That's why we need a national paid family and medical leave policy. Now.

The National Partnership for Women & Families brought together cross-sector business leaders who have been advocating for paid leave — Airbnb, Levi’s, Patagonia, Seven Seven Six, Sun Life, Thinx, ThirdLove, Brew HaHa! (a main street business in Delaware), and Melinda French Gates.

The message is loud and clear from business leaders: no one should have to choose between our families and our jobs — and paid leave is what every business needs to thrive.

Watch our new video as these leaders each share why they think ensuring all workers can take time off work to care for themselves or a loved one is why the time is now for paid leave. And join them in the call for paid leave for all.

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