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  • Your Health Information: Get It, Check It, Use It.

    It’s ushering in a new era in health care, with major benefits for women, caregivers, consumers and families.

  • Missouri Politicians Should Stay Out of the Exam Room

    The Missouri Legislature is just hours away from deciding if politics will once again trump medicine.

  • Protecting Access to Medication Abortion: A Good Option for Women

    Women's health care has targeted medication abortion since it became available in the U.S. over the past decade and a half ago.

  • The Dignity and Value of Work and Family

    Amable Alvarez grew up in a poor, rural village in Spain. As a child, he never got the chance to attend school because his family couldn't afford to be without his help on the farm.

  • Women's Equality Matters

    Today, women across the country still routinely face inequality at home, at work and throughout society. And too often, the issues we care most about seem not to matter.

  • On its 21st Anniversary, a New Guide to the FMLA

    Twenty-one years ago today, the nation’s first – and only – federal law designed to help people manage the dual demands of work and family took effect. 

  • Time for Schedules That Work

    Can you imagine not knowing from day to day or week to week whether you will be scheduled to work or what your paycheck will look like? 

  • Another Unacceptable Equal Pay Day

    The gender-based wage gap is a serious problem for women and families across the country, and it’s appreciably worse for African American women. Today, we’re reminded of just how much worse.

  • For the Sake of Women and Newborns: Strengthen Midwifery

    The preeminent medical journal The Lancet has just released its Midwifery Series, a major project to take stock of the contribution of midwifery to the well-being of childbearing women and newborns.

  • America's Families Expect and Deserve Better: 31 States Get Grades of 'D' or 'F' in New Study

    On Monday, hundreds of lawmakers, businesses, workers, advocates, administration officials and President Obama will gather for a historic White House Summit on Working Families in Washington, D.C.

  • Family Friendly Policy and Culture Changes Would Be the Best Father’s Day Gift

    The gifts, greeting cards and time that will be shared for Father's Day are wonderful, heartwarming tributes. But lawmakers should pay tribute, too, with policy changes.

  • Oklahomans Fight Back

    Oklahomans pride themselves on the way our citizens pull together in emergencies and tragedies. But many residents, unfortunately, also like to call ours the most conservative state.

  • #WhatMothersNeed This Mother's Day

    Mother's Day is here. That means that if you're like many people, you've recently spent some time asking yourself what your mother (or the mothers in your life) need. 

  • What Do Mothers Need? Fair Pay

    It’s no surprise these days that women’s wages are essential to their families and our economy. That’s why, as our #WhatMothersNeed week of action continues, we’re talking about the urgent need for fair pay.

  • What Do Mothers Need? Family Friendly Workplaces

    For a country that claims to value families, the United States does little to show it when it comes to the workplace.

  • What Do Mothers Need? An End to Pregnancy Discrimination

    Mother’s Day is this weekend. And at the National Partnership, we have joined with our allies, members of Congress and activists across the country to take a week-long look at what mothers truly need this year – beyond messages of gratitude.

  • What Do Mothers Need? Quality Maternity Care

    As Mother’s Day approaches, we renew our commitment to improving the quality of maternity care so women can enjoy safe, satisfying pregnancies and births, and babies can have a healthy start in life. We ask you to join us.

  • Making History for Women and Families

    At the National Partnership, we couldn’t be more inspired to make history on the issues of paramount importance to women and their families.

  • Let's Leave Mad Men-Era Pay Policies in the Past

    There is a reason many of us bristle at the thought of what the nation's workplaces were like for women during the Mad Men era: the almost universal recognition that it was a time when sexism was rampant, when women were routinely devalued, disrespected and blatantly discriminated against.

  • When You Marginalize Women’s Health, You Sanction Inequality

    This week, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral argument in two cases brought by for-profit corporations challenging the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) birth control benefit, which requires that health plans include coverage for contraception – a basic health service that 99 percent of women use at some point in their lives.

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