We March …

Debra L. Ness

June 30, 2018 | Other

For every immigrant child who finds herself in a strange place, without the parents she loves and needs …

For every asylum-seeking family our government has torn apart …

For every victim of brutal domestic violence our country turns away …

For every refugee who needs America to be better than this …

We march today.

We march in cities and towns all across our nation because we are mothers and grandmothers, daughters and dads, all horrified by what our government is doing.

We march because our borders have become battlegrounds and all the power is concentrated on one side.

We march because human rights abuses are occurring on our soil.

We march because all families deserve to be both together and free.

We march because we won’t accept a President who promotes division, anger and hate.

We march because our future and our children’s future is on the line.

We march, quite simply, because we have to — because this shameful chapter in our country's history must end.


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