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  • This Women's History Month, We Witnessed History For Our Courts

    This week, in the final days of Women's History Month, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson sat before the Senate Judiciary Committee as members considered her nomination to the Supreme Court. Judge Jackson, a long-term jurist and public servant, would be the first Black woman on the Court. Her nomination is part of an intergenerational struggle to ensure that our government decision-makers, including our judges, are representative of the people they serve and reflect the tapestry of lived experiences in our country.

  • Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is eminently qualified, and the Senate needs to confirm her quickly and fairly.

    Judge Jackson would be the first Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court and the second woman of color. She's eminently qualified. Her voice and ability to bring her unique lived experience into her opinions will be key to upholding equal justice principles and pushing back on unfairness in the Court’s decisions.

  • A Shameful Day In Our Nation’s History

    By voting to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh, U.S. Senators turned their backs on America's women.

  • Gotcha? Hardly!

    That is what’s at stake here: our lives. Our right to abortion care and ability to access it is about our health, the well-being and future of our families, our autonomy and our dignity. Ultimately it is about our ability to be equal.