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  • Attack on Abortion Pills - The War on Reproductive Rights Continues as Lawsuit Seeks to Ban Mifepristone

    More than 20 years ago, the FDA approved the drug mifepristone, a safe and effective pill used in medication abortions. Today, abortion pills are the most common way to terminate early pregnancy, but an unprecedented case before a federal judge in Texas threatens access to this vital medication and could have dire consequences for bodily autonomy and freedom of choice nationwide – even in states where abortion is protected.

  • After Dobbs, Voting Rights are Essential to Reproductive Rights and Justice

    A crucial election is upon us. Early voting has begun in dozens of states, and on November 8th the American public will participate in a midterm election where abortion is on the ballot like never before. And despite attempts to pit concerns about the economy against access to abortion, the reality is that abortion is an economic issue. For example, women denied an abortion are significantly more likely to live in poverty years later.