Hear, hear. We don’t mince words, and we’re not at a loss for them either.

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  • What We're Listening to, Watching, and Reading During this Black History Month

    With February coming to a close, we'd like to highlight all the recommendations from the desks and homes of our staff members for Black History Month.

  • FMLA is Almost 30 and We Still Can't Figure It Out

    February 5th will mark the 29th anniversary of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA); legislation that the National Partnership was essential in passing in 1993 to ensure working people can take the time they need to care for themselves and their loved ones. Paid leave is fundamentally tied to other economic battles: equal pay and equitable healthcare to name a few. Build Back Better had the potential to ensure paid leave would be accessible to all. The momentum to support our labor force was there, yet partisanship and skepticism on the expenses of this type of program got in the way of providing paid leave for people that need it most.

  • Good work and good trouble: the time for voting rights is now

    This weekend the coalition will continue to call on Congress to take action by participating in local actions in D.C. and in Phoenix, AZ between January 15-17. Martin Luther King III, Arndrea Waters King, and Yolanda Renee King will join elected officials, voting rights advocates, and community advocates.

  • Spreading it around: Where do you get your information?

    Amidst the rise of social media, group chats, and increased digital communication, however, sharing can take on a deadlier connotation. In the pandemic the spread of misinformation and (un)intentional disinformation has led to false (and sometimes harmful) cures and inaccurate vaccine information among other issues.

  • Hey NASCAR Parents, Paid Leave Is the Pit Stop You Need to Keep Your Families Racing

    Paid family and medical leave is an indispensable benefit that all working people need and deserve.