Continuing to Make Herstory

Looking back on 50 years of the National Partnership, we feel immensely proud of all the progress we've achieved.

From pregnancy discrimination to family and medical leave and affordable health care, we've played an active role in shaping key policies for women and families. These major policies help lay the foundation for a social safety net that we continue to build on this day.

We're proud of these accomplishments but also know we were created in the image of our founders: white-led and well-intentioned people attempting to serve all women. Through tough lessons and important learning, we came to understand that in order to help those who need it most we must honor the communities we want to serve.

In our fiftieth year the National Partnership continues to evolve its approach to make the most impact, and we know we cannot achieve gender equity without racial justice. There has never been a more pressing time to build a more just world, and we are putting women and families of color at the center of our work.

It has been a long journey, and we have stumbled along the way — but our strength lies in our resiliency, our flexibility, and our willingness to acknowledge our failures as well as our victories and step forward toward a better future.

Celebrate our first 50 years at our virtual gala on December 9, 2021! Learn more here.

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