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Connecticut is Leading the Way Toward a National Paid Sick Days Standard

Healthy Families Act Coalition Letter to Congress

A 2016 letter urging members of Congress to establish a national paid sick days standard that would help working families meet their health and financial needs, while boosting business productivity and improving worker retention.

Model Earned Paid Sick and Safe Time Legislation

A Bill to Be Entitled “The Healthy Families and Workplaces Act”

Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence Need Paid “Safe Days”

FACT SHEET | On the need for the country's workplace policies to provide domestic and sexual violence survivors the support and job protection they need to recover - through a paid sick and safe days standard.

Women of Color Need a Paid Sick Days Standard

FACT SHEET | For women - and particularly for women of color - the inability to earn paid sick days can have devastating consequences.


Montanans Need Paid Sick Days

North Dakota

North Dakotans Need Paid Sick Days

New York

New York City is Leading the Way Toward State and National Paid Sick Days Standards


Vermonters Need Paid Sick Days


Hawaiians Need Paid Sick Days


Michiganders Need Paid Sick Days


Wisconsinites Need Paid Sick Days


Alaskans Need Paid Sick Days


Iowans Need Paid Sick Days


Texans Need Paid Sick Days

Rhode Island

Rhode Islanders Need Paid Sick Days


Philadelphia is Leading the Way Toward State and National Paid Sick Days Standards

South Dakota

South Dakotans Need Paid Sick Days


Mainers Need Paid Sick Days


Ohioans Need Paid Sick Days

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