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Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act Section-by-Section

Attacks on the Affordable Care Act, Planned Parenthood and Medicaid Are Attacks on Reproductive Justice for Women of Color

Reproductive justice will be attained when all people have the economic, social and political power and means to make decisions about their bodies, sexuality, health and families. Because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), millions of women of color have gained access to affordable coverage and critical health care.

The Family And Medical Insurance Leave Act (The FAMILY Act)

FACT SHEET | A fact sheet on legislation that would establish a national paid family and medical leave insurance program: the Family And Medical Insurance Leave Act (FAMILY Act).

The Paycheck Fairness Act: A Section-by-Section Summary

A section-by-section legislative summary of the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would combat pay discrimination that contributes to the gender wage gap.

Quantifying America’s Gender Wage Gap by Race

Women of color in the United States experience the nation's persistent and pervasive gender wage gap most severely. U.S. Census Bureau data reveal the size of that gap by race.

Women's Community Letter to the Senate HELP Committee on the Nomination of Janet Dhillon for Chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

Letter from the women's community and allies to Senate HELP committee on Janet Dhillon, nominee for chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

The Healthy Families Act Fact Sheet

FACT SHEET | The Healthy Families Act would set a national paid sick days standard – a critical step toward meeting the health and financial needs of working families.

Family Caregivers Need Paid Sick Days

FACT SHEET | Many family caregivers are struggling to manage both their caregiving responsibilities and the jobs they need to support their families because they lack access to basic workplace supports.

National Partnership Comments on CMS Quality Payment Program for 2018 Proposed Rule (August 2017)

Healthy Kids, Healthy Schools: The Case for a National Paid Sick Days Standard

FACT SHEET | Both parents and educators know firsthand the importance of keeping children healthy, and access to paid sick days for parents can make a real difference.

Paid Family Leave Policies for Municipal Employees

CHART | A non-exhaustive chart of paid family/parental leave policies that apply to municipal employees.

Treatment for Drug Use and the Need for Paid Family and Medical Leave

FACT SHEET | A national paid leave plan would help provide economic security for working people who need time away from their jobs to seek or provide care related to drug use and dependence.

Schedules That Work

FACT SHEET | Federal level scheduling standards would go a long way toward providing the predictability and financial stability workers need.

Continuous Support for Women During Childbirth: 2017 Cochrane Review Update Key Takeaways

Paid Sick Days Lead to Cost Savings for All

FACT SHEET | A fact sheet on how paid sick days lead to reduced government spending, savings for employers, economic security for families and a stronger economy.

The MACRA Quality Payment Program 2018 Proposed Rule Slides

State Paid Family Leave Laws

CHART | A detailed summary of existing family leave laws in California, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Washington, New York and D.C.

Group Letter to Congress in Support of Real Paid Leave (2017)

A letter from more than 340 organizations and companies to Congress urging them to support real paid leave and to reject alternatives, like the Trump administration's FY 2018 budget proposal

Bad Medicine: How a Political Agenda is Undermining Women's Health Care in Louisiana (Issue Brief)

Fathers Need Paid Family and Medical Leave

FACT SHEET | A national paid family and medical leave insurance program would provide mothers and fathers with much-needed pay when they need time off for family or medical reasons.

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