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Bad Medicine: How a Political Agenda is Undermining Women's Health Care in Louisiana (Issue Brief)

Fathers Need Paid Family and Medical Leave

FACT SHEET | A national paid family and medical leave insurance program would provide mothers and fathers with much-needed pay when they need time off for family or medical reasons.

Our Aging, Caring Nation: Why a U.S. Paid Leave Plan Must Provide More Than Time to Care for New Children

ISSUE BRIEF | An analysis of research on the health, financial and economic effects of paid leave policies, along with demographic and labor force data from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Testimony of Sarah Fleisch Fink, National Partnership, to General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development, H. 2172, S. 1048

Director of Workplace Policy and Senior Counsel Sarah Fleisch Fink urges the committee to advance the strongest possible versions of H. 2172 and S. 1048.

Reasonable Accommodations for Pregnant Workers: State and Local Laws

A summary of existing state and local laws that require employers to provide reasonable accommodations to pregnant workers.

Paid Family and Medical Leave: Busting 10 Common Myths with Facts and Evidence

FACT SHEET | There is a growing body of evidence that shows paid leave is the right policy for workers, families, businesses and the country, but misconceptions and unfounded concerns can threaten progress.

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act: A Section-by-Section Summary

A section-by-section summary of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, which would ensure reasonable workplace accommodations for pregnant women who need them.

About the Listening to Mothers in California Survey

New and Expanded Employer Paid Family Leave Policies (2015-2017)

CHART | A summary of employers' newly updated or expanded paid family leave policies that includes their rationales.

Fact Sheet: The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

FACT SHEET | Details on the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act and why it is critical for pregnant workers and their families that Congress take action.

Standing Up for Women and Families in 2017

In 2017, the National Partnership for Women & Families is urging members of Congress and the administration to stand up for women and families by supporting the following legislative agenda.

Coalition Letter to Oppose "Comp Time" 2017

The so-called Working Families Flexibility Act (H.R. 1180/S. 801) is a smoke-and-mirrors bill that would offer working people a pay cut without any guaranteed flexibility or time off.

Supporting Informed Decision-Making in the Health Insurance Marketplace: A Progress Report for 2017

This report is the fourth in a series on how the online health insurance marketplaces established by the Affordable Care Act are becoming increasingly consumer-friendly. It includes recommendations for further improvement.

Testimony of National Partnership Vice President Vicki Shabo, U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce Subcomittee on Workforce Protections, H.R. 1180

National Partnership Vice President Vicki Shabo's written statement in opposition to the Working Families Flexibility Act (H.R. 1180) on April 5, 2017, before the U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce Subcommittee on Workforce Protections

Women's Community Letter to Congress on Judge Neil Gorsuch

#20PercentCounts Analysis of the Gender Wage Gap in 20 Metropolitan Areas

Collaboration with Lean In's #20PercentCounts campaign, highlighting the gender wage gap in 20 metropolitan areas

An Empty Promise: The Working Families Flexibility Act Would Give Workers Less Flexibility and Less Pay

FACT SHEET | The Working Families Flexibility Act sets up a dangerous false choice between time and money, when working families urgently need both

Invitation to GetMyHealthData New York Community Forum

New Mexico Women and the Wage Gap

APRIL 2017 | An analysis of what the gender-based wage gap costs New Mexico women and their families

Texas Women and the Wage Gap

APRIL 2017 | An analysis of what the gender-based wage gap costs Texas women and their families

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