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America’s Women and the Wage Gap

FACT SHEET | Overall, women in the United States are paid 79 cents for every dollar paid to men. When women lose income, their economic security and that of their families is diminished.

Paid Sick Days Statutes

CHART | A detailed summary of existing paid sick days laws.

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Current Paid Sick Days Laws

A list of all the paid sick days laws that are or will soon be in effect in the United States.

A Double Bind: When States Deny Abortion Coverage and Fail to Support Expecting and New Parents

Every person should have the freedom to decide if, when and how to raise a family. But for many women struggling to make ends meet, this is not reality. Instead, they face layers of obstacles, including denial of access to abortion care and a lack of workplace supports.

Memo: Voters’ Willingness to Pay for a National Paid Leave Fund

Polls show that voters support a national paid family and medical leave program, and they're willing to help pay for it -- even more than a program would actually cost.

BWRT Infographic

BWRT Infographic

Power of the Sister Vote II Poll Results

Power of the Sister Vote II Poll Results

#HighNoon2016 Toolkit

Sample coalition content for #HighNoon2016 debate day tweet storm.

New and Expanded Employer Paid Family Leave Policies (2015-2016)

CHART | A summary of employers' newly updated or expanded paid family leave policies that includes their rationales.

Quantifying America’s Gender Wage Gap Among Key Groups

America’s women and families continue to suffer from a persistent and pervasive gender wage gap. U.S. Census Bureau data reveal the typical size of that gap for women who hold full-time, year-round jobs, as well as for key subgroups of women.

MPN Template 2016

ONC MPN Template for Consumer Comment

Overdue: Insurance Coverage of Doula Care Infographic

Substantive Solutions for Preventing and Responding to Injury in Maternity Care Fact Sheet

The Cost of Having a Baby in the United States Executive Summary

Interventions that are Unlikely to Foster Substantive Liability Solutions in Maternity Care Fact Sheet

Maternity Care and Liability Gaps in Knowledge Fact Sheet

Affordability of Liability Insurance Premiums to Maternity Care Providers Fact Sheet

Occurrence of Negligent Injury and of Claims and Payouts in Maternity Care Fact Sheet

Vaginal or Cesarean Birth: What is at Stake for Moms and Babies? Executive Summary

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