Paid Family Leave

State: Washington
Subject: Paid Family Leave
Bill: HB 1273/SB 5459
Introduced in House and referred to Committee on Labor: 01/16/15
Introduced in Senate and referred to Committee on Commerce & Labor: 01/22/15
Public hearing in House Committee on Labor: 01/29/15
Substituted and passed by House Committee on Labor: 02/03/15
Referred to House Committee on Appropriations: 02/06/15
Reintroduced in both chambers: 03/10/16

Implements the family leave insurance law passed in 2007. Public or private employees at businesses of any size may receive paid leave benefits for the birth or adoption of a child, the employee's own serious health condition or that of the employee's child, spouse, parent or designated person. An employee's weekly benefit will be 5.2% of his or her average quarterly wages during the two quarters in the past year in which wages were highest, with a maximum weekly benefit of $1,000.

The program would be funded through small employer and employee payroll contributions.

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Entry updated as of: March 14, 2016.
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