Sexual Harassment

You know sexual harassment is never acceptable, but it’s all too common in the workplace.

The law defines sexual harassment as unwelcome sexual conduct at the workplace that causes an employee to lose his or her job or a promotion, or creates a workplace that is hostile, offensive or intimidating.

Sexual harassment can have a devastating impact on victims’ lives. Victims of sexual harassment report greater instances of alcohol abuse and mental health problems. Harassment is also a devious way to keep women out of the workplace or in traditional “women’s jobs” with low pay and few benefits.

The key to eliminating sexual harassment in the workplace is for both employers and employees to be aware of what it is, for employers to have strong anti-harassment policies and training, for employees to know their rights, and for employers to take immediate action when an employee alleges that sexual harassment has occurred.

The National Partnership develops and distributes materials to raise awareness about sexual harassment in the workplace, and how to confront it. In addition, we work to improve and enhance the federal government’s efforts to eliminate this harassment.