Judicial Nominations

Judges are the gatekeepers of your fundamental rights. They rule every day on issues that affect the quality of our lives.

Federal judges determine whether companies will be penalized for failing to stop discrimination or sexual harassment, whether workers qualify for time off under the Family and Medical Leave Act, or whether women will have access to the reproductive care they need.

Federal judges are appointed for life, so the judges appointed by the president and confirmed by the United States Senate will have an impact that lasts for decades.

The stakes are particularly high for women. Much of the progress that has opened doors for women in the workplace, in education, and in business could not have happened without judges willing to follow the law and extend its protections to all.

For more than four decades, the National Partnership has been working to educate decision makers and the public about the records of judicial nominees and the importance of confirming judges who demonstrate a clear commitment to equal justice and opportunity.

Our goal is to ensure that the courts operate fairly and free of bias, and are not used to turn back the clock on women's progress.