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Hey, Doctors: Who Loves You? Hint: It's Not the GOP

News Coverage | February 22, 2011

US Delegation to the 55th Session of the UN Commission on the *...*

News Coverage | February 22, 2011

Families face cuts in federal budget proposals - MarketWatch

Meanwhile, National Partnership for Women & Families has described the House Republicans' fiscal 2011 proposal as "catastrophic" for women and working ...

News Coverage | February 15, 2011

Abortion battle heats up - Politico

“We certainly have allies in the Senate, but I’m too experienced to say this could never [pass],” said Judy Lichtman, a senior adviser at the National Partnership for Women and Families. “Terrible amendments have been introduced to must-pass bills where lots of other things are at stake. To argue that this would never happen would give women and families a false sense of security. With the anti-choice forces in the Senate, I’m very nervous.”

News Coverage | February 9, 2011

Officials Consider Requiring Insurers to Offer Free Contraceptives

News Coverage | February 4, 2011

Your Career: Law to help nursing mothers - "This is a huge step for women's equality and average women should weigh in," said Portia Wu, vice president for the National Partnership for Women & Families. "It's really really ...

News Coverage | January 31, 2011

What Health Reform Means for You - US News and World Report

News Coverage | January 18, 2011

Passages: Plan so later years can be comfortably extended

News Coverage | January 11, 2011

Solis Announces New Appointments, Leadership *for* 2011 ERISA *...*

News Coverage | January 7, 2011

Workers Without Sick Days Are Bad *For* Your Health

News Coverage | January 7, 2011

Connecticut Should Set Trend on Paid Sick Leave | Womens eNews

News Coverage | January 7, 2011

Roundup: STIs and HIV Continue to Wreak Havoc While the United States Congress ... - RH Reality Check (blog)

RH Reality Check (blog) Drawing from a report by the National Partnership for Women & Families, MNT notes that one of the bills (A 3274) would transfer $5 million ...

News Coverage | November 24, 2010

Lame-Duck Congress Has Women's Work to Do | Womens eNews

News Coverage | November 16, 2010

Medicare agency launches innovation center, announces new demonstrations - The Hill (blog)

Consumer advocate Debra Ness of the National Partnership for Women and Families also applauded the news. "For those of us who are working on better ... ...

News Coverage | November 16, 2010

Think Flexibly/Act Locally: The *National* Dialogue on Workplace *...*

News Coverage | November 9, 2010

Five domains set *for* Stage 2 quality reporting

News Coverage | November 5, 2010

Strengthen the Equal Pay Act

News Coverage | November 5, 2010

Sick at work? Health experts say 'go home' | The Columbus Dispatch

News Coverage | November 5, 2010

Advocates Push ACOG to Remove Barriers to VBACs

News Coverage | October 28, 2010

Paternity Leave around the World | Parenting Life

during the birth of ... ...

News Coverage | September 29, 2010

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