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Paid Sick Days Preemption Bills (2015-2016)

Preemption is legislation that prohibits localities within a state from enacting workplace policies such as paid sick days. Hover over the map below to get information about states with preemption laws or active or failed bills.

Tan box State with no preemption law or bill
black box State with preemption law
override-veto State with preemption law vetoed by the governor but overridden in 2015-2016
two box 2 State with preemption law and bill in 2015-2016 (gray mouseover)
gray box State with preemption bill in 2015-2016
Two Box State with preemption bill in 2015-2016 and previous years (orange mouseover)
veto box State with preemption bill vetoed by the governor in 2015-2016

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