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Don't mess with Texas women. Reject HB 3994!
Tell your state senator and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick to reject HB 3994 and every other bill that would undermine women's health.
It's time for D.C. to #LeadOnLeave!
In the nation's capital, too many workers don't have access to paid family and medical leave. It's time to change that!
Governor Scott: Veto HB 633, a medically unnecessary, 24-hr delay
Tell Governor Scott that Florida women are more than capable of making decisions about their health, and the last thing they need is another Bad Medicine law.
Urgent: It's time for paid sick days in Oregon!
Don't let opponents prevent paid sick days from passing this year in Oregon.
Fight back in Pennsylvania!
Don't let opponents overturn paid sick days in Philadelphia and block future laws in Pennsylvania.
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