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Coalition “Rallies” in Support of the FAMILY Act

More than 400 organizations in all 50 states have joined together to push for passage of the Family And Medical Insurance Leave (FAMILY) Act, a new federal proposal to ensure working people have access to some income during a family or medical leave. To mark the bill’s introduction last week, and to urge Congress to prioritize its passage, coalition members published blog posts, issued press statements, wrote op-eds and more. Below are highlights.

The press also heralded the bill’s introduction. Check out these pieces at the New York Times’ Motherlode and The New Old Age blogs, E.J. Dionne’s column in the Washington Post, the Washington Post’s On Parenting blog, MSNBC’s The Cycle and Salon.

Coalition Blog, Statement and Op-Ed Highlights:

9to5, National Association of Working Women
Paid Leave Keeps Women in Their Jobs and That’s Good for the Economy #FAMILYAct (MomsRising)

A Better Balance
The FAMILY Act: A Long Overdue Investment in Our Families

Paid Family Leave: We Shouldn't Have to Choose Between Our Families and Our Jobs

American Association of University Women
Making Work Work: We Need Paid Family and Medical Leave

American Sustainable Business Council 
Policy Points: Policies for a Sustainable Workforce (TriplePundit)

Center for Economic and Policy Research
Can Paid Family Leave Increase Men’s Participation in Parenting?
Why America Needs Paid Parental Leave

Center for Law and Social Policy
Only 4 Percent of the Lowest-Wage Workers Get Paid Family Leave: Could a New Law Change This? (YES! Magazine)
Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Law Would Help Employers Do Good and Do Well

The New Push for Paid Family Leave (The American Prospect)

Direct Care Alliance
Direct Care Alliance Applauds Federal Paid Leave Legislation
How the FAMILY Act Will Help Direct Care Workers, Their Clients, and Our Economy (MomsRising)

EMILY’s List
Women Working for Working Women (Huffington Post)

Family Equality Council
Paid Sick Leave Bill Introduced in the House and Senate

Family Values @ Work Coalition
These 2 Adorable Children Are Excellent Reasons To Pass A No-Brainer Law (Upworthy)
Value Families with the FAMILY Act

Feminist Majority
Feminist Majority Celebrates Introduction of Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act (FAMILY Act)

Human Rights Watch
Dispatches: How Congress Can Deliver for Working Families

Institute for Women’s Policy Research
Bridging the Gap: Bringing the Benefits of Paid Family Leave to American Workers #FAMILYAct

Mi Familia Vota
Mi Familia Vota Applauds Federal Paid Leave Bill to Help Working Families

The FAMILY Act – Stitching Up a Hole in the Safety Net

National Council of Jewish
Women NCJW Welcomes Introduction of the Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act

National Partnership for Women & Families
Being family friendly takes more than words (The Hill)
Take It From Moms: America’s Families Need the FAMILY Act (MomsRising)
The FAMILY Act is Badly Needed to Update the Outdated Workplace Policies That Are Hurting America’s Families 
The FAMILY Act—Legislation the Nation Needs Now (Working Mother)

National Women’s Law Center
America’s Scarlet Letter
Support When It’s Needed Most: The FAMILY Act

Paid Family Leave California
Paid Family Leave Makes a Difference to Low Income Families

FAMILY Act Would Help Working Families

UFCW Urges Congress to Pass FAMILY Act ASAP

Working Mother
FAMILY Act to Be Introduced to Congress; Paid Leave on the Agenda


Submitted by Pam on December 25, 2013
Maternity leave that is 6-8 wks. keeps your female employees engaged and helps men be more engaged with their families.
Submitted by imabigreader on December 21, 2013
When caregiving falls almost entirely on women, often forced to give up gainful employment to do so, there needs to be relief. Caregivers should be financially assisted to avoid losing their jobs, and if they do have to leave the job, should be compensated for their sacrifice that should have been paid for by public funds.
Submitted by skezecics on December 21, 2013
We as the working class society, need to plant our roots so deep that the republicans can't get to them to uproot actions we have already taken. Besides, time off with pay for births, and geriatrics, need to be absolved for our working class. Protection for workers against a marked sudden twitch by someone in the upper management of the business we work for, fire's us without representation. Reasoning in right to work states, is a misnomer. In fact, in those red states management personnel doesn't even have to have a reason for firing a worker. They may say, " it's Tuesday, a good day to fire people," and then they do it.
Submitted by vkramer13 on December 21, 2013
I took care of my mother in my home for 6 years prior to her death. The only way I could do that was because she had enough income to pay a sitter while I worked. She did not talk, was contracted (after being in a nursing home for a year and a half before I brought her home. She had a feeding tube, diapers and was totally disabled---like taking care of a 2-month old baby. As she worsened she had to spend more time in the hospital, and I had to take off work to stay with her because she was unable to press the "call button." Plus her hospital care was sorely lacking. She had one bed sore the whole time I had her with me, and she got it during a hospitalization. I wound up having to take leave without pay since I ran out of leave time. After a few years, I had to take an early retirement since I could not work and take care of her at the same time---I started having some health issues myself. Due to all this. both my retirement and Social Security Check are below average, and, if something happens to my husband, I will have an extremely hard time financially---I'm not sure what I will do. In this day and time, help is definitely needed for caregivers, because we have extreme difficulties--emotionally, physically and financially. These issues continue after the death of your loved one and your caregiving days are over. Please help. It's too late to help me, but I don't see any end in sight to this more and more prevalent situation.

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