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From the desk of ... Allison Glass, State Director, Healthy & Free Tennessee, Repro Health Watch

Laws Criminalizing Pregnant Women Put People Who Need Health Care in Handcuffs

In 2014, Tennessee enacted a law that threatens women with jail time if they give birth to babies who are shown to have been affected by the use of narcotics during pregnancy.


From the desk of ... Susan Frietsche, Repro Health Watch

New Report: Politics in the Exam Room, A Growing Threat

The most insidious way American politicians attempt to influence the behavior of private citizens is by quietly passing laws that legislate doctor-patient communications, going so far as to force doctors to lie to patients.


From the desk of ... Colleen McNicholas, Repro Health Watch

Missouri Politicians Should Stay Out of the Exam Room

The Missouri Legislature is just hours away from deciding if politics will once again trump medicine.


From the desk of ... Bryan Howard, Repro Health Watch

Protecting Access to Medication Abortion: A Good Option for Women

Women's health care has targeted medication abortion since it became available in the U.S. over the past decade and a half ago.


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