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Judith Lichtman, Senior Advisor

From the desk of ... Judith L. Lichtman

220 Reasons That Paid Sick Days Campaigns Will Succeed

Momentum and support for paid sick days policies in this country are growing like never before.


Debra L. Ness, President

From the desk of ... Debra L. Ness, Repro Health Watch

In Science v. Politics, Science Scores a Win

July 21, 2011 | Health Care | Reproductive Health
A milestone for women's health is finally within reach: On Tuesday, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) identified the full range of FDA-approved contraception and birth control options as preventive health services - and recommended that they be made available to women without additional fees or co-payment under health care reform.


Vicki Shabo, Vice President

Coast to Coast, Paid Sick Days Activity Continues

July 14, 2011

The busy 2011 legislative season continues with paid sick days activity and excitement on both coasts and in the nation’s capital.


From the desk of ...

Cause for Hope in North Carolina

July 12, 2011 | Reproductive Health
Infant mortality rates are widely used in this country and internationally as a barometer of the quality of a community's, or a nation's, health care system - and with good reason.


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