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From the desk of ... Martha Skeeters, Marion Homier, Repro Health Watch

Oklahomans Fight Back

Oklahomans pride themselves on the way our citizens pull together in emergencies and tragedies. But many residents, unfortunately, also like to call ours the most conservative state.


Vicki Shabo, Vice President

Momentum Sparks New Campaigns, More Progress

May 23, 2014

The success and progress of paid sick days campaigns in Portland, Ore., and New York City have added to the momentum around this common sense policy and sparked new campaigns and progress in other states and cities.


From the desk of ... Debra L. Ness

#WhatMothersNeed This Mother's Day

Mother's Day is here. That means that if you're like many people, you've recently spent some time asking yourself what your mother (or the mothers in your life) need. 


From the desk of ... Debra L. Ness

What Do Mothers Need? Tools to Make the Best Health Care Choices

May 9, 2014 | Health Care

As Mother’s Day approaches, we’re making it easier for women to manage their families’ health by providing tools and information to help them use their health insurance to access affordable, quality care and to make the best possible health care choices.


From the desk of ... Debra L. Ness

What Do Mothers Need? Fair Pay

It’s no surprise these days that women’s wages are essential to their families and our economy. That’s why, as our #WhatMothersNeed week of action continues, we’re talking about the urgent need for fair pay.


From the desk of ... Debra L. Ness

What Do Mothers Need? Family Friendly Workplaces

For a country that claims to value families, the United States does little to show it when it comes to the workplace.


Judith L. Lichtman, Senior Advisor

From the desk of ... Judith L. Lichtman

What Do Mothers Need? An End to Pregnancy Discrimination

Mother’s Day is this weekend. And at the National Partnership, we have joined with our allies, members of Congress and activists across the country to take a week-long look at what mothers truly need this year – beyond messages of gratitude.


Maureen Corry, Senior Advisor for Childbirth Connection Programs

From the desk of ... Maureen Corry

What Do Mothers Need? Quality Maternity Care

May 5, 2014 | Health Care > Maternity

As Mother’s Day approaches, we renew our commitment to improving the quality of maternity care so women can enjoy safe, satisfying pregnancies and births, and babies can have a healthy start in life. We ask you to join us.


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