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Erin Mackay, Associate Director, Health Information Technology Programs

From the desk of ... Erin Mackay, Health IT

New York State of Mind

GetMyHealthData is partnering with practices in New York to improve patient access to and use of health information.


From the desk of ... Sarah Lipton-Lubet, National Partnership for Women & Families, and Amy Matsui, National Women's Law Center

Judge Neil Gorsuch’s Record on Women’s Legal Rights

March 29, 2017 | Judges and Supreme Court

Judge Gorsuch’s record on women’s legal rights shows that time and time again, his approach to the law favors employers, politicians, and other powerful entities, and hurts the individuals who rely on the law for protection.  


From the desk of ...

Maryland Senate Makes History

March 16, 2017

The Maryland Senate has approved a statewide paid sick days standard, bringing the state the closest it has ever been to joining the nearly 40 jurisdictions across the country with paid sick days laws. This is a historic advance for Marylanders, as well as advocates and lawmakers who have been working for years to secure such a standard.


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