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From the desk of ... American Academy of Nursing members Diana Taylor, PhD, RN FAAN, Nancy Woods PhD, RN FAAN, and Ellen Olshansky PhD, RN FAAN , Repro Health Watch

Nurses Respond to Political Interference in Health Care

April 27, 2017 | Reproductive Health

Political interference is especially pronounced in sexual and reproductive health, particularly with respect to abortion access. National nursing organizations are responding to these threats – most recently with a position statement by the American Academy of Nursing.


From the desk of ... Monica Simpson, executive director of SisterSong, and Cindy Pearson, executive director of the National Women's Health Network, Repro Health Watch

Taking a Principled Approach to the Provision of LARCs

There has been increased attention and funding in recent years for long-acting reversible contraceptive methods (LARCs). While LARCs are part of a well-balanced mix of contraceptive options, there are concerning practices when it comes to who is targeted for long-acting methods and the way in which counseling is provided.


From the desk of ... Julie A. Burkhart, Repro Health Watch

Pedal to the Metal: Trust Women in Oklahoma

Two weeks after Dr. George Tiller was assassinated at his church, I told his wife I was going to re-establish abortion services in Wichita, Kansas.


From the desk of ... Caitlyn Caruso, Campus Organizer, Advocates for Youth , Repro Health Watch

What Happens in Vegas Changes Nevada: The Fight for Comprehensive, Inclusive Sex Education in Sin City

June 17, 2016 | Reproductive Health

On May 24, 2013, hope had died for me. I had been working for the last six months on a comprehensive sex education bill here in my home state of Nevada only to see it die in the state Senate.


From the desk of ... Tammi Kromenaker, Director, Red River Women’s Clinic, Repro Health Watch

Red River Women’s Clinic "Gets it Done": The New FDA Medication Abortion Label Helps North Dakota Women

In the fall of 2007, Jackie* called to schedule an abortion appointment. She said she had heard of a way to have an abortion with medicine, and asked if we offered that at our clinic. 


From the desk of ... Isabelle Beauregard, Campus Organizer (University of Alabama), URGE Alabama, Repro Health Watch

Let’s Be Bold! #AbortionPositive in Alabama

April 20, 2016 | Reproductive Health > Abortion

The #AbortionPositive Tour is meant to be daring.


From the desk of ... Brooke Tucker, Staff Attorney, ACLU of Michigan, Repro Health Watch

Michigan Women Fight Back Against Attacks to Their Reproductive Rights

As a civil rights lawyer and Michigan resident, I am incredibly saddened and disappointed by the man-made public health disasters that my government allows to persist.


From the desk of ... Fatimah Gifford, Deputy Director, Shift , Repro Health Watch

To Fight The Wave of TRAP Laws, We Must First Fight Abortion Stigma

March 11, 2016 | Reproductive Health > Abortion

Texas has a proud legacy of fighting for freedom and trumpeting our independent spirit. We are a state full of dualities.


From the desk of ... Allison Glass, State Director, Healthy & Free Tennessee, Repro Health Watch

Laws Criminalizing Pregnant Women Put People Who Need Health Care in Handcuffs

In 2014, Tennessee enacted a law that threatens women with jail time if they give birth to babies who are shown to have been affected by the use of narcotics during pregnancy.


From the desk of ... David S. Cohen, Repro Health Watch

Living in the Crosshairs: Violence Against Abortion Providers Hurts Us All

In an ideal world, abortion providers would lead lives just like any other medical professional. However, in the highly charged environment we live in, abortion providers’ lives are different.


From the desk of ... Jaime Miracle, Repro Health Watch

Access Without Apology: The Ohio Proactive Abortion Agenda

Last month, pro-choice Ohioans and legislators gathered outside the Statehouse as we have done time and again. But this time something was different.


From the desk of ... Susan Frietsche, Repro Health Watch

New Report: Politics in the Exam Room, A Growing Threat

The most insidious way American politicians attempt to influence the behavior of private citizens is by quietly passing laws that legislate doctor-patient communications, going so far as to force doctors to lie to patients.


From the desk of ... Tiffany Pryor, Repro Health Watch

Illinois Youth Leaders Campaign to Repeal Parental Notification of Abortion (PNA) Law

My heart dropped when I heard the news on July 13th, 2013. 


From the desk of ... Chavi Koneru, Repro Health Watch

Lawmakers Should Take a Walk in Her Shoes

On June 5th, with the stroke of a pen, Governor Pat McCrory restricted the rights of North Carolina women by signing a bill imposing a 72-hour mandatory delay on abortions.


From the desk of ... Farah Diaz-Tello, Repro Health Watch

The Imperative to Challenge Public Policies that Criminalize Pregnancy Outcomes

May 27, 2015 | Reproductive Health

By now, most reproductive rights, health and justice activists have heard of Purvi Patel, the Indiana woman sentenced to decades behind bars after what she maintains was a miscarriage.


From the desk of ... Adriano Perez, Repro Health Watch

Millennials Lead a Texas-Sized Movement for Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice

April 29, 2015 | Reproductive Health

My family moved from Mexico to the United States in 1993 shortly after I was born. Texas became our home and there we built a life that was founded in perseverance and an unrelenting sense of hope.


From the desk of ... Maggie Moran, Repro Health Watch

Montana House Moves to Preemptively Ban Telemedical Abortion, But There is Good News

In Montana, we are two-thirds of the way through our 64th Legislature and there is no doubt that 2015 is a tough year for reproductive rights.


From the desk of ... Allison Glass, Repro Health Watch

Let’s Make One Thing Clear: Abortion Access is Under Attack, and Tennessee is Fighting Back!

Tennessee has some of the strongest protections for personal privacy in the country. Unfortunately, last November we lost Amendment 1, a ballot question that was designed to make it easier for politicians in Nashville to push for abortion restrictions.


From the desk of ... Cristina Aguilar, Repro Health Watch

Beyond Amendment 67: Looking Ahead in the Fight for Reproductive Justice in Colorado

As a new year begins, we have a lot to celebrate in Colorado.


From the desk of ... Sarah Stoesz, Repro Health Watch

Resounding “No” to Personhood in Conservative North Dakota

On November 4th, voters in North Dakota made history when they made it the third state in the nation to decisively reject a "personhood" amendment and, with it, the extreme agenda of the personhood movement.


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