National Partnership for Women & Families

2018 Gala Dinner

National Partnership's Gala Dinner featuring distinguished honorees Gabrielle Union and Kerry Washington, keynote speaker Sheryl Sandberg and corporate leader Rosalind Brewer was a great success!

Check out the highlights.

Gala Dinner 2018
lawmakers on steps

Women’s Leader Lauds Senators Harris, Murkowski for Introducing EMPOWER Act

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a pervasive and pernicious problem in this country. It affects women and men across industries and occupations and contributes to the punishing gender-based wage gap that harms so many women and families. More

Girl listens to mom's belly

Blog // From the desk of ... Katie Martin

I am one of the 67 million women and girls with a pre-existing condition.

Having my son could essentially blacklist me from getting affordable, comprehensive health coverage if opponents of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) succeed with their relentless efforts to sabotage it. More


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